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What is up my dawgs! Today we learning a super SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE card trick tutorial! Enjoy!
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    how can you see with your eyes

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    I managed to do all of the tricks

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    thank you



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    1:52 he move the bottom card to the top at first time we had seen it !!

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    Well done for 1mill

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    It worked my brother got tricked lol

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    999 likes That's cool

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    Wasssup Sean! You do cool trick and I like them

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    This is how long my jaw dropped: a lil more ye somewhere here HOW TF DID HE DO THAT

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    what if they say a odd number

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      He said to press it so press the grey button

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    I literally saw sean put the bottom card on the top at the start so if he done it to me an i saw i wouldn't of ruined the trick

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      But the audience wouldnt know what that switch was for lol

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    When he said 12 that was the number I was thinking! 🤯😯

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    man Sean I really want you to man Sean I really want you to do the tutorial on how to change Lines into words on a piece of paper

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    bet that you won’t pin this comment

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    I say you make a vid of how to keep the same card on top

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      @Rebecca Hyina u luv magic iam a card magician from bathgate ill sub uur so cool lol

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      its called double lift

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      Dubble lifts or search for card controls

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      Just look up some false cut tutorials. There are a ton of them and they aren't to difficult

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    I love it❤️👍❤️

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    U should do a video on how to fan

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    This is awesome You got me into magic Could you try posting some more advanced tricks pls?

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      @n kapoor cool keep it up how old are u whats ur name where u from hope we can chat on ur channel iam glad to see more girls intrested in magic if u go to my channel on my play list ull find magic vids take a look there it will help u out

    • n kapoor

      n kapoor

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      @Ryan Noble I’ve been doing magic for about 2 years and thanks for the recommendations I watch a million card tricks and will check out card macanic

    • Ryan Noble

      Ryan Noble

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      hey how are u sean is really gud if u want advanced card tricks try a million card tricks they are great for advanced card tricks or card macanic is brillent too iam a card magician of edinburghs nine of diamonds group how long have u done magic for iv subed u

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    Cool vid

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    3:06 I see the logic! Black with black and red with red!

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    Thank you my family love that trick and I said I learned from the best

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    That one was fun tricked my family thanks

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    You're very underrated!

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