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The Kahoot Rap (Kahoot Star)

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    I hope y'all enjoy! (Make sure to like and comment if you did!) Oh, and text me! +1 (860) 385-6295

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      Yo I'm a Kahoot start. who? going around like a hooplah

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      I wish I can rap like youuuuuuuu

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    Ario Atrchi

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    oh dame son !!!

  3. Caleb DaGoat

    Caleb DaGoat

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    One of the students just identified MrBeast as a“Farmer that planted 20mil beats and gave away greens” I’m dead😂😂😂😂😂

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    Surya Mullapudi

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    Supernatural Sam

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  11. Lilac's_Nature


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    My favorite part was when the song ended and Kyla said "so uh...did I get that A?" it made me laugh a bit

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    SomeRandom Person

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    Zeyad Waleed

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    Green_ Rockets

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    Mooky man10

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    Noah Playz

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    Toni Lewis

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    Toni Lewis

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    RedAxeGameZ And more

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    Sabastian Nguyen

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    _Impure. .Souls_

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    Frugal Forge

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    Danny Gallagher

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    Frozen_Raven yt

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    PuryYT 5847

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    Jey The_Slayer

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    Kayla Kayla

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    Ameer Slaughter

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    Alaina Allen

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    Rocket League Rocker

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    Raghida El-allie

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    Justz Ghosty

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    Jeimyn Maslak

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    Arom 121

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