The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn

When 50,000 of Mark Rober's 3 million MNmore subscribers participated in a basic coding challenge, the data all pointed to what Rober has dubbed the Super Mario Effect. The MNmore star and former NASA engineer describes how this data-backed mindset for life gamification has stuck with him along his journey, and how it impacts the ways he helps (or tricks) his viewers into learning science, engineering, and design. Mark Rober has made a career out of engineering, entertainment, and education. After completing degrees in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University and the University of Southern California, Rober joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2004. In his nine years as a NASA engineer, seven of which were on the Mars rover Curiosity team, Rober worked on both the Descent Stage (the jet pack that lowered the Rover to the surface) and some hardware on the Rover top deck for collecting samples. In 2011, Rober’s iPad-based Halloween costume helped launch both his creative costume company, Digital Dudz, and his MNmore channel, which now boasts 3 million subscribers and 400 million views. His videos focus on creative ideas and science- and engineering-based pranks and activities. Rober is a regular guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". Today, he does research and development work for a large technology company in Northern California, where he lives with his wife and son. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Elin Felicia

    Elin Felicia

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    I literally just made an RPG style game based progress book for my studies and this was recommended a few hours later. I swear these algorithms are listening through my head.

  2. Hermanubis


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    Does anybody know the music at the beginning?

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    Jeanny pasteru

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  4. Malak taha

    Malak taha

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    This is one of my favourite talks ever😍

  5. Caesar Pooh

    Caesar Pooh

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  6. Jenkin Yang

    Jenkin Yang

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    This guy is really interesting, he should make a MNmore channel

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    Maradona Super King

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  8. Colbster1121


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    Mark rober you helped me get through a very hard sick day (Today) and you are my favorite MNmorer I don’t know if I can donate but if anyone comments how I can I will donate Love Colbster1121

  9. David Wayne Ryan

    David Wayne Ryan

    10 цагийн өмнө

    so wait , you're saying negative reinforcement gets the job done in less than half the time? sure it may not be a good job but it saved time and money. i'll take it. I"ll take the Bowser effect thank you. He's got eight castles.

  10. Fabian Bondanza

    Fabian Bondanza

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  11. Katherine Casey

    Katherine Casey

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    I was wondering why he looked familiar and then he brought up the dart board.

  12. Miljan Mandic

    Miljan Mandic

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    9:05 you can see the fear in his eyes that it wouldn't work

  13. Magic Skillz

    Magic Skillz

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  14. Devhan Bohman

    Devhan Bohman

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    Back in 7th grade, our science teacher had us launch paper roll rockets from a compressed air pump and I have never had as much fun in that class than I have ever seen. My rocket literally looked like i pulled it from the dumpster, and I managed to get mine very far. Some of my classmate's rockets looked like they were made by a professional, but they would totally flop. They would either break apart due to the pressure or were too heavy to fly far. That was my favorite class. Edit: Added words.

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    40 old sub4

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  18. Pablo A

    Pablo A

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    This is my experience Bachelor > All testing > Remember very little Master > Projects with sparse testing > retained a lot of the information PhD > No tests and all projects, opinion writing, and research > retained an astronomical amount

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    Austin Sloane

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  20. Liam Pearson

    Liam Pearson

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    Chris Crapo

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  23. SpectreOZ


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    I used the glitch to get extra lives and went out leaving a weight on the controller... plenty of lives later to pass levels LOL 🤣

  24. Mark Robinson

    Mark Robinson

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Sadly, life is not Super Mario Brothers. Life requires success within a time limit. As an Engineer I can tell you: I am not *allowed* to fail dozens of times in order to succeed. I have to succeed the first time out. Life is like that, and it's best that you learn that sooner than later.

  25. Nate Pasman

    Nate Pasman

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    chris Crapo

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  27. kaznats1


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    Scientists are the greatest failures EVER, why do you think they call it research? We search and search again until, somehow after many failures, we succeed. Failure teaches you far more than success and the chiefest is resiliency.

  28. libertynindependence


    Өдрийн өмнө

    I don't really like this guy but he's right on here. Sal Khan has a Ted Talk bout this same concept. Just because someone is quick to pick something up doesn't mean they are good at it, and just because someone is slow doesn't mean they are bad.

  29. Henry Maynard

    Henry Maynard

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    Devon Parker

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  31. Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson

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    His talk is appealing, but I'm not sure his examples are consistent with his theory. In Super Mario, his character gets killed when he does something wrong, which is definitely disappointing and negative feedback, just like losing 5 meaningless points in his first example. The same thing applies to his last example, where his bicyclist falls down over rocks, etc, whereas the steady climb up is more like the people in the first example who don't lose any points. That being said, it's true that most education could be designed to be presented in a much more interesting way.

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    Andy Zhang

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  33. Reuben Jackson

    Reuben Jackson

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    This video is beyond amazing

  34. Colin Reynolds

    Colin Reynolds

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    Damn. I had this idea decades ago for applying gamification (though that word hadn't been invented yet) to data input. I was an accounts clerk at the time; one of my tasks was matching receipts against invoices. I thought: have the invoices move across the screen, and you have to shoot the ones that the receipt paid (like Space Invaders). I really wish I'd run with that idea....

    • Mobbs 8

      Mobbs 8

      10 цагийн өмнө

      sounds like a great idea. I always applied gamification where I worked (mostly office-based jobs). I believe it's going to take over the world when AR technology matures. The whole world would be like Pokemon Go.

  35. Trace.MP4


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    "Anyone can code" Me Using Gamemaker 2: "Actually...."

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    Darla Roy

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    Anna Pantaloni

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  53. henry darcq

    henry darcq

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    The game is made to be finish, but maybe your goal can’t be achieved no matter how hard you try... but you will never know, so be smart to and do something you can achieve ;)

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  57. Sarah Awada

    Sarah Awada

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  58. Raymond Phan

    Raymond Phan

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    this guy looks like he would make a good yt channel

  59. Lovely Legault Family Vlog

    Lovely Legault Family Vlog

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    It's the same way as teaching a baby positive reinforcement will nurture your child's development that is represented in all of aspects of life if her nights to each other people will be nice to us and we'll be nice to them. I care about you and I care about your TED talks.

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    Just Nobody

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    Mr Bee8263

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  64. Sucharitha Anumula

    Sucharitha Anumula

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  89. Iknit2


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    This video held the students' interest. : ) Thank you for the positive messages about changing perceptions of learning.

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