Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

How will the Universe die?
Everybody dies. The universe too? Well, probably. What are the current theories about the end of everything? And how creepy exactly are these theories? (Spoiler: very creepy). But there might be hope...
Next Video: March 3rd. Topic: The Big Bang (which concludes our mini series about the universe)
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    The big rip? More like.... The Big R.I.P.

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    Just time travel and meet your self in the future time paradox then you have now destroy the universe

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    at first i thought big rip was big R.I.P. as in death



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    I think it will be the Big Crunch I believe that dark energy may somehow weaken over time and because of gravity the universe will collapse and it will be compressed where just like the Big Bang every single atom to proton will be in one tiny spot smaller than an atom and because of the immense pressure everything will burst again causing a new Big Bang where the same process happens again and again so I also believe the universe is a constant loop if this is true then the multiverse theory can be proven wrong and maybe humans will not be the dominant species in the upcoming universes

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    Isn't the universe speeding up because it's like an explosion and we're just at a very early stage for an explosion that big.

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    Jupiter grows to create the Sun The Earth is about to have two Suns The Earth is constantly growing Evidence is that Hawaii volcanic lava is constantly spewing out Jupiter ' s Magnetic field is 20 times stronger than the Earth, so Jupiter expanding is 20 times faster than Earth,Jupiter ' s future grewup creating the Sun

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    Plot twist- the universe already died and we are the result of a second Big Bang (see heat death) and the inhabitants of the first universe were aliens

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    Imagine if god is also curious that what would happen and that is why he created us as an experiment for these 3 possibilities or maybe more

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    the end of the world: Many signs will occur before the end of the world, including small ones such as many earthquakes, the rise of skyscrapers, and the splitting of the moon ... and the big ones like the sunrise from the west .... After all these signs the end of the world begins: Oceans and seas ignite, mountains break down, "the sky is cracked" and many of the things mentioned in Islam happen (the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet). * You can search for the book "The Beginning and the End by Ibn Katheer", which is available for free on the Internet (usually in Arabic or English, but you can use Google Translate) The Holy Qur’an mentions many scientifically proven things and many things that we still wonder about, as it appears to us how the end of the world will be ... Therefore, we must think before denouncing Islam with racism without verifying it.

  52. theredheadedgeek


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    Interesting how this came up right after I watched the mr Rogers movie. Here I am thinking about this amazing man and everything he said, and at the same time I’m learning how everything will die! The internet is a truly amazing place

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    maybe the galaxy expands because of the opposite force, like rowing a bout you push the sticks backward you move forward, the planets collapse or use gravity to stay in place meaning it will shrink and eventually become a black hole, so the universe expands eventually leading to a big rip or a white hole, which creates a new universe and works opposite to a black hole, that means the big band was a white hole that exploded resulting in the universe while in my theory the white hole will slowly pour out the universe and whatever the black hole was eaten, this is my theory (I am 10 by the way)

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    Most uplifting? I'm prepared for heat death. I don't want to go in a black hole.

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    Big Crunch/Bounce is the most logical to me. It may be expanding now, but you have to examine 2nd and maybe 3rd derivatives of the acceleration. Gravity doesn’t take lunch breaks. On one of the derivatives, the change will be negative due to gravity

    • DisasterMIDI


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      True it explains the Big Bang Origin

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