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Top Best Hair Color Transformation 2020 | Short Haircuts & Hair Makeover Ideas | Hairstyle Tutorial

Top Best Hair Color Transformation 2020 | Short Haircuts & Hair Makeover Ideas | Hairstyle Tutorial
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  1. Hair Inspiration

    Hair Inspiration

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      Elisabet Caseres

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    • K.S.V. Vaishnavi

      K.S.V. Vaishnavi

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      8:50 hairstyle name please

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      Lor lor Lor lor

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      Blu Legend

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      I am

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      Bulut aydin

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      @Valentina Garcia sunt up

  2. Francisca maria

    Francisca maria

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    Igualzinha uma arará mas é Bonito viu

    • Hair Inspiration

      Hair Inspiration

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      Hello, You're welcome!!❤😍❤😍

  3. Sumaiya Fatima

    Sumaiya Fatima

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    I think it was better before she got her hair done in 4:14 but if she likes it then its fine

  4. Evolet Pantoja Hernández

    Evolet Pantoja Hernández

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    they have great talent only experts know how to do it

  5. K.S.V. Vaishnavi

    K.S.V. Vaishnavi

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    8:50 hairstyle name

  6. LoLoDaPirate


    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Aren't some of these people worried about damaging their hair? I only bleached and dyed the tips of my hair and the damage was so bad I had to cut it off.

    • Mason Trimby

      Mason Trimby

      Өдрийн өмнө

      Well that’s the price you got to pay. Looks good now, but it will end up looking damaged after a while. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess.



    5 өдрийн өмнө

    Это завораживающее зрелище.. Как так *красиво* можно придумать с волосами.

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    wer wer

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    Stephany Huertas

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    Ermoso 🌿✋🏻

  10. Bristol Sweatt

    Bristol Sweatt

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    nothing wrong with the video but i got two ads one not skippable and the other i could skip i was only 30 seconds in

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    Jessica Stephens

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  12. Sadia Tahir

    Sadia Tahir

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    Wow its color 🎨 is awesome

  13. Hasan Kaya

    Hasan Kaya

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    This is a masterpiece, who else wants colourful hair colour on their hair? :D

  14. Mari Mariane

    Mari Mariane

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    Eu aqui assistidos esses video é querendo pintar

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    شادي ماهر

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    ثاني عربي مر من هنا

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    Cahit Koc

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    Çok güzel yaptıdiyenler 👇

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    كويتيه وافتخر

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    ولله حرام يسوون جذي الشعر نعمه كبير عند الله ...والله الي اقوله حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيهم 😾😾

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    Muslima Ulugbekova

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    Bermal Dursun

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    Bff and s gaming friends

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    So good I like blue so pretty

  21. mlloyd52


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    Why would someone intentionally go grey? I’m fighting it weekly!

  22. سيلينا بهلول

    سيلينا بهلول

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    I love the vedio 😢😢😢

  23. tHe_ClowN_girL


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    4:00 she is so beautiful 😯✨💞

  24. İbrahim Oral

    İbrahim Oral

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    1:17 yumurta sarısı mı lan

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    محمد محمد

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  26. Yuri Piedrahita

    Yuri Piedrahita

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    El que cree que es bonito like

  27. Yuri Piedrahita

    Yuri Piedrahita

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  28. Nicol :3

    Nicol :3

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    💫Puntuando💫uvu 1: 7/10 2: 9/10 3: 9/10 4: 3/10 5: 10/10 6: 1/10 7: 5/10 8: 4/10 9: 2/10 10: 2/10 11: 8/10 12: 8/10 💫Fin💫xd

  29. Jéssica Moraes

    Jéssica Moraes

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    O primeiro e o melhor

  30. Fizze csfc ayilesi

    Fizze csfc ayilesi

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    3:58 ohh no 🤢

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    امیر ندائی

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    I love first one 😍😍😍😍😍

  32. Avaşin Tuncer

    Avaşin Tuncer

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    1:59 saç efsana

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    معصومة بت بت الشيخ

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    No 👎👎😑😑😑

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    Zoghlemi Mouna

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    الاول كتير حبات

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    جوري القحطاني

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  38. Cora’s Craft room

    Cora’s Craft room

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    They always laugh to cover up their annoyance with the hairdressers

  39. Cora’s Craft room

    Cora’s Craft room

    14 өдрийн өмнө

    The second one she be looking like Ariel

  40. Salima Benmimoun

    Salima Benmimoun

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    it's gorgeous it is or your living room

  41. Samiya Tanger

    Samiya Tanger

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    14 өдрийн өмнө

    how beautiful hair colors

  43. Kimberly Cambron

    Kimberly Cambron

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    4:08 i didn't like it like if you agree

  44. B.B.player#kimsenin sevmediyi blimy

    B.B.player#kimsenin sevmediyi blimy

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    lan saçımı boyatmak istedim laaaan 😬😬

  45. Hairstyles For Girl Easy

    Hairstyles For Girl Easy

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    nice video! thanks for sharing!

  46. Anu


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    8:46 to 9:30 10:30 to 11:20 superb hairstyles wanna try those styles love it ☺

  47. دلہعہ الہبناتہ

    دلہعہ الہبناتہ

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    The video is amazing ✨✨✨

  48. Domenico Cillis

    Domenico Cillis

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    La seconda ragazza stava meglio prima

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    Hanna channel

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  50. Resham Jaiswal

    Resham Jaiswal

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    Please do my also this beautiful hair color 😗😗😗

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    Oscar Javier vega Gabriel

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    Donde esta tu local unicarnal

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    Maria 021

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    A'viyanna Simoneaux

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    i love watching this stuff

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    Dayanne Lais é Silva Neri

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    They're very beautiful. ❤

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    شليويح الشاوح

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    Cuál fue la mayor transformación

  58. cami_219


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    Dónde estan

  59. S17030003 NIKKHISHA SREE.Y

    S17030003 NIKKHISHA SREE.Y

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    🤧🤧☹☹my mother father will not allow to colour hair but like to hair colour👱‍♀️

  60. علاش alih

    علاش alih

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    كيوت 🥰🥰

  61. Julia Yovana Rea Calderon

    Julia Yovana Rea Calderon

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    Yolo quiero meyamo brenda mimamá seyama yovana parami quesea todo locolore 😍😂😁😀😀😀

    • Julia Yovana Rea Calderon

      Julia Yovana Rea Calderon

      17 өдрийн өмнө

      Vonito dele lai

    • Julia Yovana Rea Calderon

      Julia Yovana Rea Calderon

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      Ola pojavo dele lai voi ayora😢😢😢😢😢😢

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    Sander Molina

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    noob jajajajajajaja noo

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    lost gor

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  64. Kenzie Perez

    Kenzie Perez

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    4:02 is just no

  65. Ellie Standish

    Ellie Standish

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    U should put a before and after picture after every transformation. Just an idea.

  66. Sadia Sk

    Sadia Sk

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    Black hair is the best👍

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    Shadow Princess

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    SaLim ToLi

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    نور الهدي

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    (9:5) My wish my hair becomes like her and cut it🙂♥

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    I really want an galaxy hair 💖

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    Isabel Cristina Montoya urrego

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    david Hartley

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    I relly want my hair dye that color its so preety.😎👍

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    Sion-Carmel FOUFOUNDOU

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    J'aime bien les deux premiers coiffeurs 😁



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    Suelida Alves

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      توته كيوته

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    Sue M.

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    Sa Sa

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    Manuela Costa

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      nono al hrare

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    Manohara Lisa

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    منوعات متالقة

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      منوعات متالقة

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      Tafe . Tafe

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    E Medina

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    İlayda Sangül

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    nour and ali family

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    Giovanna Chiarolanza

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    Owl Girl asmr

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