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Truth Or Eat Ft Mian Twins

Christmas song below
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    Nate in the background

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    Why am I crying you are so nice😢🥺

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    Inspired by Seda 1

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    I’m new here, first video I’ve watched and I’m crying already 🥺

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    The sister squad

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    Oki but like we’re the wings halal?

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    Omg that was so sweet Tayler I’m crying.

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    Get up hhahahahahahahahha

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    Who is cutting the onions?

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    Damn this is emotional

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    You could tell tayler got happy when the twins said “ love you tayler”

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    This video made me cry🥺🥺

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    ❤❤😭OMG taylor hat was so najs and i litterally cry when i sae this❤❤😭😭

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    Awww Tayler ... I Love You So Much😘❤

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    Really love him so much🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥

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    Omg best friend so fun

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    I love Taylor he’s so sweet bless his heart🥺

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    Tayler is the most sweetest person ever!!! He is like a Brother I have always wanted!! I am an only child and if I had to choose a brother from anyone in this world I would choose Tayler! Ilysm Tayler ❤️

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    Lily Recelise

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    Who else cried when he gave them the check 🥺🥺

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    I what hug the tayler 😭🥺🥺🥺

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    Why am I crying 👁👄👁

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    not me thinking the first 5 seconds was an ad ready to skip it😭

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    My heart🤭😭😭

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    I’m almost 26 I watched this and felt like I was in middle school again. Praying for y’all 🙏🏻

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    I need a friend like tayler🥺🥺

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    Tayler: *Give yourself a round of applause* Camera man: *Snaps*

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    My friend said you guys are the best and me to come to my house

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    What video is he talking about with aisah and nate?

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    anybody peek Bryce in the back lmaooo

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    Plss don't tell me that I'm not the only one cring like👇 if you cryed

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    I’m was not crying my mom was cutting onions 😭

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    on earth tayler you are the sweetest man you have a sweet heart

  37. Camelia Rodriguez

    Camelia Rodriguez

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    Tayler you are the sweetest man take care of your friends and the girls amen god bless you y'all I love you guys so much

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    Tayler is the best person with any doubt I love you tayler ❤️

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    I was crying at the end

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    Aisha is literally like get up and hug him !!

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    how can i help



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    5:22 nate poked his head out i was laughing so hard



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    that the reason why I love this guysomuch🥺.. He care about every body lives with him .. I hope I have one person in my life like tayler😭🤍.

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      Kayla Spinks

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      me 2

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    "are they twins"

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    U are so nice

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    Why do I feel like Tayler like Aisha??

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  53. Mariam Furquan

    Mariam Furquan

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    Mariam Furquan

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    Look how Cody punching the air cause Azra said she had a crush on Blake 😂😂

  64. ItsArsy_


    Сарын өмнө

    Look how Cody punching the air cause Azra said she had a crush on Blake 😂😂

  65. charli


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    Hailey & Rylee Prince

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    Tayler: awww she is helping him Aisha: I am not really helping I am just looking at him Nate:*is died bc of the chicken* Me:😂😂

    • Kayla Spinks

      Kayla Spinks

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      what you expect its a spicy wing lol

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    Palwisha Khan

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  78. Be Yourself

    Be Yourself

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    Ok this video have made me see him AGAIN as a nice person cuz I knew about stealing someone merch or smt I don’t know about the situation but I think he’s actually a nice person

  79. Sam the hottie

    Sam the hottie

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    3:29 is my favorite part hbu?

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    I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEE LOVE LOVEEE how Taylor is just so genuine and caring we don’t even get this in this world as much now but just knowing he sees everyone as the same first of all is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Tayler I hope god blesses you with sooo much. It’s the good people that get far in life

  91. Aloa Beach

    Aloa Beach

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    my heart would break into a million pieces if the main twins and tayler ever had drama and parted ways...

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