Trying Blackpink Jennie's Diet 🥑 my first kpop performance

hey everyone! I'm super proud of myself for not taking a full month to edit and upload this LOL thanks for always being there for me and leaving supportive messages :) Your comments make my day! Be nice to one another, and I'll see you again soon! xoxo
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my outfit during the performance
- black and white top
- belt
- pants
other members' outfits during the performance
- garter
- dress
- boots
- mesh top
- skirt
- skirt
- chain
my outfit on day 3
- plaid sweater
- white turtleneck
clothes from haul:
- gray top
- gray shorts
- black shorts
- eyeliner
- blue color panel top
- choker
- cloud sweater
- pink crop top
- blue t-shirt
- white t-shirt

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    Hey yoora can you plz reply me

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    U are literally my inspiration which I lose after the vedieo ends Sorry for my bad English😔💜💜💜

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    the way i thought you don’t like bp

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    Am I the only one who falls in love with the editing more with each and every video. ANDD btw I love Jennie's diet, it isn't really less but filling

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    Yoora drop your next video can't wait

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  14. SingularNeuron


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    what in the eating disorder, for the people saying that Jennie's diet is enough soon I hope you recover soon. Guys please be healthy and eat 1800-2000 calories a day, otherwise, you will damage your metabolism.

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    Hey yoora i m indian and i love to see your video its kinda like you are giving me motivation to do something but i also want your more videos plz reply me im waiting for you reply me plz i love to see you you so pretty just like female kdrama actress love to see you reply me

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    That's lovesick girls right ! 😀

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    When her new video is coming

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    this event was so cute!! I loved seeing how everyone had fun while showing their performances

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    فاطمة ازهر احمد

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    You were really amazing, you were dancing and I said don't get nervous I love you ⁦(●´⌓`●)⁩

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    You are soooo beatiful

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    I wanna try the detox juice 😃😃😃

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    Wow it should be a good experience of dancing in front of everyone Yahhh girl you slayed it

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    yoora you are my favourite vlogger among all the vloggers that I have are just awesome lots of love from india,kerala I literally liked your videos cuz the edits i cant just put into words how beautiful and aestitic it is

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    I ate honey oat with chopped apples for 3 months straight. it made my body thinner and lean. The only side effect I went through was I craved for salt, SALT, SALT!



    2 өдрийн өмнө

    I really tried this diet and in 3 days I loose my 2kg ....really guys But you have to be damn strict while diet not even one bite to test for feeling your heart ❤️ That's what I did 🙏👍

    • ezra


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      you probably lost water not fat so you'll probably gain back that 2 kg sorry but facts If you want to lose weight permanent, you need to lose fat not water

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    • anna the strawberry

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      Final cut pro x

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