What You Need To Know About THE MAMMOTH

Will the Woolly Mammoth be brought back to life. With the latest permafrost discoveries, is it possible to clone or resurrect this ancient beast?


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    LOL..Good One...Elephant in the room... I'm thinking its More like Godzilla in the Room these Days...

  2. Adrian Campbell

    Adrian Campbell

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    They probably cloned it already. It would not surprise me if there’s a Jurassic Park already somewhere.

  3. R J

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    Between WoodwardTV and Mudfossil University channels if you don't learn something new and amazing you're not paying attention. Both channels cover topics that most people never even consider to be possible, open your mind to absolutely incredible subject matter, open your eyes to see what is right in frony of you !!

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    I will tell you what mega fauna was, it was God being merciful to a small human population freshly ejected from the Garden of Eden. Big slow animals full of meat, easyish for humans to kill. They served a purpose now they are gone.

  5. Anne Watt

    Anne Watt

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    Woodward did you know the Chinese purchased 20 hectares in Alberta Canada northern area , because they said it's the perfect conditions for a live mammoth, so that means they have cloned or going to clone them Check it out

  6. AR H

    AR H

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    Shrews are said to also be related to elephants I wonder if this also mean shrews are related to the mastodon / mammoth

  7. Calling All Hands On Deck!

    Calling All Hands On Deck!

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    Appreciate your research. Where I'm originally from, a Mastodon skeleton was found in '89. They named it the Burning Tree Mastodon. It was sold to Japan. It was preserved in a peat swamp area formerly know as the "big swamp" in Ohio & still had bacteria inside. And yes, they've got this DNA re-creation figured out. It started with Dolly the sheep & that was quite a few years ago. It's almost terrifying to think what they're doing know. Just think about a Giant Ground Sloth walking around your neighborhood.

  8. G Burke

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    The canaanites want the pre-flood meats back.

  9. Ya'kov vok'aY

    Ya'kov vok'aY

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    Torah speaks of "genetic manipulation" also, "as in the days of Noach, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man."

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    Love the video!

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    The only two season show on Amazon had a show called Fortitude was about this very subject and “the bugs in returned to life” after they thawed out. They were supposed to make a third season. Not sure what happened. The first season starred Stanley Tucci. The 2nd starred Dennis Quaid and Robert Sheehan.

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    Excellent content.👍👀🔱💥💯🐾

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    I’m so glad you covered this. I’ve had this topic on my mind. As always great content.

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    They did probably eat it. I hope they choked on it.

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    I’m so disturbed 😦

  16. Theresa Watson

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    GOD ONLY! Leave it a lone! People are stupid! Why bring it back ? Because you can? Oh LORD WERE IN TROUBLE!!! Prayers go up blessings come down

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    If it’s all frozen up their what did the mammoths eat ? You know, if they were spotted by fly overs

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    The beginning sound makes me what to play PlayStation

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    Hey, what do you think of the Bock Saga? It references domesticating and breeding mammoths along with other critters during the first ice age in a warm pocket near the old pole.

  20. Cynthia J Candelaria

    Cynthia J Candelaria

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    There is a large island out there somewhere that is full of living dinosaurs! BOOM...we don't know what is out there because they restrict our travels to only simulated pre-programmed areas that they allow us to travel to in and around.

  21. Cynthia J Candelaria

    Cynthia J Candelaria

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    OOPS! Wrong...Admiral Byrd flew to ANTARCTICA, the South Pole not the North. Get it, right Dude...I'm your avid viewer. Isn't this why all those people, higher-ups on the ladder (pyramid) all flew there to Antarctica to view the Red-Haired Giants and the beautiful Agartha that is inside the earth. Alaska, the North Pole is very well excavated but not the South Pole.

  22. Cynthia J Candelaria

    Cynthia J Candelaria

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    Anything that is alive and huge is feared. They want it that way.

  23. Cynthia J Candelaria

    Cynthia J Candelaria

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    They've been cloning since before you were born dude! You are probably one unless your blood type is an RH NEG.

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    How could you like this sort of stuff, find this channel and not turn on notifications? There has to be something wrong with you. :)

  25. Dig Deeper

    Dig Deeper

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    I got a permit to hike the Grand Gulch area in Utah and found some hard to reach Anasazi cliff dwellings...and inside were petroglyphs of mammoths...clearly elephant's with large horns/tusks..i have pictures!

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    Been watching yoi a few years n thought i had turned on notifications thanks for the reminder

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    Hybrids. Some violent dinosaurs(dragons) Like T-Rex,Spinosaurus and Raptors? Could be a Nephelim offspring? They found mammoth bones and tusks,that were coverd in deep bite marks of human like creatures with double rows of TEETH! Nephelim Giants and Neanderthal Nephelim clones or offspring are the result of hybridization of Apes,with humams. 2 creatures DNA's masagination and genome manipulation. Dinosaurs,the ones that look like were made just for death and violence and destruction,seem to be.... Bird,mammal,Reptile hybrids. Like what fallen angels did to animals/humans/fish/insects/plants/DNA hybridization program in the days of Noah. We humans do this today in this era , with cloning and hybridization splicing and minipulation. SAP's and Majestic Black "off the books",Highly classified,above Top Secret projects making animal/Human- Chimeras! Abominations! A provocation upon the LORD. Worthless ones. Basterd Reprabates! Seeds of the Serpent! They have been corrupting and perverting the human genome which is the perfect image and likeness of the MOST HIGH One TRUE CREATOR OF ALL ALMIGHTY G O D Of the Universe!

  28. Renee Terry

    Renee Terry

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    Woodward, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior? I have a feeling you have but you tiptoe around speaking on the subject. I was just wondering....

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    Hold on... WHY ARE WE SPENDING MONEY on this when there are literal starving and homeless people on this earth. The elite weirds me out and it weirds me out that people don’t notice it’s messed up how much money we spend on space and not on actual needs. Who knows. They are weird their agenda and everything.

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    What’s with all the awkward silence before he starts talking ?

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    I'll bet they pass alot more gas than a cow

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    Woodward: The acceleration of transformation has been what is causing the wildfires which is worldwide spontaneous combustion hugescale. The entire world is rapidly going out of sync which is why there are such violent storms in increasing frequencies and massive car, machinery, and plane accidents in a horrendous way like never before. These man made objects are not natural. This also explains why mankinds behaviour is also rapidly going out of whack as well and why there are such upheavals and decay in the mentalities of so many which also are being poisoned by the lies and deciet believed and repropogated by the ignorant in social media. This transformation from Paradise to Hell has been increased by The Creator and these things will only continue to worsen with time. Volcanos are the chimneys of Hellfire and after those volcano canals are cleared out these volcanos will then emit pure smoke. The blazing fire underground accounts for global warming not pollution for heaven sake!! All this is prophesised in Revelation. The Creator has been speaking to me all of my life and revealed much of Revelation to me and He said no man nor scolar nor clergy can decipher it and only Yahuah the Creator can because He is the author. I tell you everyone is way off. There are reasons why He speaks to me but you wouldnt believe me because you would not understand. Revelation has been encrypted and scrambled by the Creator, therefore it is not in order because in order to perserve it from the wicked until this time it had to be so. Revelation was not written for all of mankind which is why no one can understand it. Mankind has taken what he THINKS he can understand and left out all the rest. I kid you not.

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    Aw hell. I need a watch-tyranisaurus rex.

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    There are mastodon and mammoth alive , giants still exist, they are just concealed, you know we have Bigfoot and demons aka alien,, its not impossible to reproduce a mammoth they cloned humans every day and they have frozen mammoth.

  35. clare zajac

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    Mammoths were the horses of the giants, maybe that was a domestic animal of theirs

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if they found fully preserved dinosaurs out there

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    You need to research Red Ice and talk about it you would be amazed at what you can find

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    Ah fuk it, run a mummy through cern.. what could go wrong

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    Definitely would like to chat sometime you would be interested in how much I feel many of these topics to true and how I'm unable to be shocked by any of it .really wish there was a way to get a group together and come our own to go find these things out first hand regardless of who says what!!!

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    You need to stop the adverts breaking up your videos. It spoils it.

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    I love how interesting your videos are and this time is no exception. However, the imagery used to portray the elites and scientists, with their exotic food, is on the edge of too much for me to handle. It figuratively made my stomach flip and my chest felt very fluttery and it caused a lot of anxiety. 😂 It's been extremely hard for me to watch from the point of the spiders and beetles, until the end... it's really difficult... Please, for the sake of all that's good & lovely, don't use imagery like this again. 😂 Thank you! ❤️

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    is this common knowledge ? how is it not classified ?

  43. Keith Bolland

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    The tribal native people of Russia say they still exists, but no modern Scientist listen to any tribal knowledge.

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    Another great video Woodward. You have some of the most common sense in the world.

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    Trump 2020

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    Honoring and respecting a treasure like an ancient mammoth specimen is what is to be done. Eating it is debauchery.....

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    1st off I'd love to know who is pressing the thumbs down button! I'd love to kick them in the family jewels! 2nd I do have my notifications turn on for this channel on "All" and still wasn't notified about this video or maybe I missed it somehow. 3rd the picture of the 2 wemon in blue where the 1 was going to eat a beetle of some kind and the other looked like she was going to chow down on a huge spider...spider eating woman looked alot like a witch to me! Weird freaking ppl! They seriously gross me out!!! Thank you for the awesome video! May God Bless you and your loved ones!💜🙏💜🙏💜🙏💜

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    This world is being run by Demons 😈 EVIL EVIL...

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    Tha 1st line was a killer!🤣😭

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    I was joking when I said im so hungry I can eat a horse or a barbecue bull weiner. ;)

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    Byrd also said he flew into the center of the earth . He said the middle earth people welcomed him.

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    Andrewsarches finally found it

  53. Fly West

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    In 2012 russian scientists dug a hole into the ice into the largest lake, lake vostok. This process took 10 years. They build an elevator that could only house 1 person. A team of 8 men were lowered at a time to the surface of the lake. They encountered the creature on day 1 of the expedition. This creature was named "organism 46B" species of giant octopus resembling the glass octopus. This creature has "14" legs and was able to shapeshift into other sea creatures and also resemble a human form. Organism 46B has venom that could paralyze its target up to 150 feet. Its venom is contained in a pouch where squids usually expel their ink. Expeditionor member Alexis Vindogradov, the radio operator was dispatched in this way losing the radio connection . It took the form of a human diver, the team thought it was one of their member of their team swimming towards them. A marine biologist became the second researcher to lose his life as the creature resumed its shape and ripped him Into pieces. At this point the expeditionor chief A.M. Yelagin decided to use a specimen tank to capture it. The only female member of the team Dr. Marta Kalashnik was used to lure organism 46B not because she was attractive but because she was a former professional athlete and was judged best able to defend herself. The trap was a success. When they brought the creature to the surface it was confiscated immediately by Soviet security . The international press was told nothing was found. The entrance to the hole was plugged and Russias president Vladimir Putin intends on weaponizing the venom from the prehistoric creature

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    Bro really ? The wolly mammoth ? No we needa know about the Alien'z and thoth and That daughters of men and What's going on in Suisun City

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    So happy you talked about this animal and permafrost.

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    Barbarians at the gate!

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    Big hairy people, big hairy wolves on two legs and now they want a big ass hairy elephant. No , everything covered in hair and that big seems to be perpetually pissed off.

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    That's the kind of party I'm glad I'm not invited. 🤢🤮

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    Rez life

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    Mammoth type beasts helped build the pyramids and other Babylonian temples

  60. Bruce Wayne

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    this is a very Big story! Woodward always brings good entertainment and food for thought

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    And so because there was so much more oxygen years ago everything grew big and now it doesn't

  62. samantha mason

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    Admiral Byrd They already live beyond Antarctica

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    Just subscribed today. I want to say thank you for all of the awesome content Woodward tv provides. All of the topics have been eye opening and relevant and very well researched. I started listening a year and a half ago, a serendipitous accident maybe. I am happy I stumbled upon your content. I am educated and have a science background but, a martial artist as well. Thank you for sharing that in your q and a. : ) I am listening in. and I look forward to your next offering. I appreciate your material. It makes a big difference. I have shared your content with my three sons to round out their perspective on things.

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    what is the land we live on? Well some are mammoths/elephants itself.

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    Can u say cult? $100 says it was probably eaten raw, or at least extremely rare...

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    Hello. Awesome Presentation. There So Many Evil Club's Around The World, That Do Such Horrible Things.. Love you Brother In Christ.. God Bless..

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    FWIW just like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so must what is deep in the Permafrost...what's below the permafrost must stay below the permafrost. When the "smart boys" go looking for trouble they usually find it

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    Eddie Schrock [METAL ED]

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    Humans are on the way out very soon. Its all starting to unfold now and in a couple of weeks all shall see.

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    Thanks Jae 👍

  71. Will it or won’t it destroy

    Will it or won’t it destroy

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    Strangely enough the first episode of the new Star Trek discovery on Netflix is exactly about hunting endangered species to eat

  72. Aydo.Silvi Özdemir

    Aydo.Silvi Özdemir

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    i read an old newspaper artikel from times thomas jefferson,- he send an explorer team to search mammoths to alaska-sibira. they came back whit fur etc., tools to hunt , prepare mammots and storys from indigenous people . they told about mammoht hunts not long bevor in this resent times!

  73. Laura Ira

    Laura Ira

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    About 15 or 20 years ago an article in National Geographic explained how they were expermenting with Cloning the baby Mammoth that was found in the permafrost. Read it in a doctor's office

  74. Armand WolfGang

    Armand WolfGang

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    when the nepheline sinned against beasts maybe the mammoth was one of the repercussions

  75. MCDTV


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    The movie '10,000 B.C.' depicted woolly mammoths being used to help haul the blocks used to build pyramids. Could've spoke on that.

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    Good job Jae there are some things that make you question still a lot of unexplored land in the world



    11 өдрийн өмнө

    My grandmother told me stories of cruise ships coming up alongside icebergs and harvesting dinosaur meat that was in the ice and feeding the people on the cruise a dinosaur steak, this is not fiction, it was in headline news in the early 20th century!

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    Hey Brother - I thought you had an episode about Hemp protein powder-I went through the library but I can’t find it. I was going to order the hemp protein powder you recommended. Thanks (If anyone else knows which episode it was I’d appreciate the name-thanks for the help)

  79. Kehnguz Kollections

    Kehnguz Kollections

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    MYTHS BACKED UP BY FAKE SCIENCE, like old diseases and viruses LOCKED away in permafrost, let's make one fact certain, Earth in her youth had less illnesses than ever seen today, and the further back in time you travel, the healthier this world becomes, as the life expectancy of all living things increase, you discover that it is Mankind only responsable for the ills of our surrounds, by enter ference of nature, or the allowance of other negative events to go out of control, life is a cruel teacher, to those who must lean the hard way, even to death.

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    Fascinating!!!!! Love ya Jae!!

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    Are you ochu 1981 on you tube 🤔

  82. Kehnguz Kollections

    Kehnguz Kollections

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    MAMYTHS STILL EXIST, Yes, 1979-2015 is our most recent records of actual sightings of live mammoth herds, around about both north and south poles, frozen months also from these locations over these years show the long history of how long these creatures have been in these same areas, but never the lest, their not one of a kind, but other types have been recovered, showing that some live in warmer or even desert like environments, they demonstrating being able to swim above and below water under warm or cold conditions, smart and having a 500year life expectancy, with ablity to hold their breath and hibernate long periods, it has yet to be discovered, if these big animal are capable of being trans portable threw space, from one planet to another, based on rumors they exist also on Saturn.

  83. mark allen

    mark allen

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    What is the symbol at the intro to this channel? Is it a black hole sun that converts into the planet Saturn. Which tells me, if that's what it is, that the motivation and purpose of the info here is to steer the listener toward the black hole sun occult that will eventually turn into satanism. No?

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    Wise words as always. You keep me coming back. Great works!

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    These Giants were part of the mistake of what te gods produced like the giant children of the fallen. Maybe one reason decided to destroy the world. These giants, tigers, elephants, birds, lizards, fish, etc. would have dominated us as we are. I don't think we were as durable as ancient man because they were not made of Gods word and flesh. I understand we have some reptilian DNA could some humans be part reptilian, some bird man, some Elemental, some human, some fish, etc., and some of us of God. What is holding us back from unlocking our psychic self, our Elemental self or being from ancient times.

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    Jurassic Park in the making 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    They probably Eat them to get there spiritual power and knowledge 🧐🧐🧐 interesting

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    But why do they really want to bring extinct animals something not right guarantee something wicked this way come

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    The 6 horn sheep returns to Israel Enoch prophecy fulfilled 😲😲😲

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    Admiral Byrd said he saw some in the artic but wasn't there a flood ?

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    Well yeah but they have viable DNA from those that where frozen they can clone you in a container but as in the days of Noah so we are

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    Elitist and scientists are the most disgusting Savages on this planet

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    "Welcome to mammoth burger" ya ill have a Furry Fry, a Woolly Supreme with cheese, and a Klondike Coke please. As you hover thru the all in one mile high tunnel your craft is washed and waxed after receiving your food a sign materializes on the windshield "Try our ostrich egg salad!"

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    Calling bullshit pretty loudly. Hardly.

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    Let's not forget Mountain Oysters !!!!!!

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    In the beginning we thought they to be Gods. But man grew wiser. No longer placid to serve there biddings nor to live till death mining mother earth's most precious oar for them. Once we learned that without it there world would collapse the birth of the monetary system was born. The, or should I say " our " misconception was there world was really ours. They went nowhere and here they remain still. Safe from us for a multi millennia they have been hidden behind the veil of THE church grom where they could continue to rule and obscure history to serve there will. They are one with the gold and so they are richer than any man could possibly ever be. (Think, for all this time mining and accumulating gold for thousands of years, where is it all? Even Ft. Knox is even said to be empty, so where is it? But not even having all the gold and control is enough for these immortals. They ( just as we) live, strive and fight to have more. They as do we "want" the very same ultimate questions answered. Now as the next unveiling approaches we are finally capable of creating "that", that they have been in waiting for, for so very long. What these metaphysicals could not create and do on there own. Artificial Conscience or should I say there God. Warning be heeded by all, the giants have awoke, its eyes fly over and among us. Now that mans purpose comes to a close, our end is near. ~DiNo

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    Bam Bradey

    11 өдрийн өмнө

    Your absolutely amazing, I know God is with you and that all you need. Wish i had you in my inner circle of friends but I'll take what I can with your knowledge. Thank you for you and all you do, God Bless

  99. Warlocks Brow

    Warlocks Brow

    12 өдрийн өмнө

    At first I thought the writer of that letter was joking. Uhh, that was no joke.