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Review: ‘Ticket to Paradise’ has Julia Roberts and George Clooney, and that’s enough to make a person want to see it.

The new film that Julia Roberts stars in (appropriately entitled Ticket to Paradise) is not likely to be one of the summer box office disappointments of recent years. While it doesn’t open until Aug. 9, the movie, if you can call it a movie, really has a lot going for it.

First and foremost: The movie has Julia Roberts, George Clooney and it has a very nice script by the two.

The movie is about Brad and Mary (Roberts and Clooney) who are newlyweds and are about to celebrate their first anniversary. The problem: Brad has developed a drug problem, while Mary has a drinking problem that doesn’t make her want to quit.

The two, in their quest to resolve the problems, visit the therapist, Dr. Breen (Robin Williams), who helps them deal with the issue with a combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

It’s all told from Brad’s point of view, but it seems as though Roberts and Clooney work well together. There’s a nice mix of tension and humor, and it’s clear where Roberts is at in her life and career, and where Clooney is, too.

They seem well matched and complement each other fine.

The movie has, in addition to a few other nice elements, a nice mix of humor and drama. The humor is, of course, created by Williams which adds to the humor. The drama comes from Clooney and Roberts, who seem to play off each other well.

The dialogue, while not as complex as, say, the dialogue in Shakespeare, is well written and flows. The actors do a good job of portraying the various characters.

It’s nice to have an “easy going” movie that doesn’t try to be deep or profound.

The film has some big laughs, but it’s not over the top. That’s why it has a nice balance. The movie didn’t need to be overly funny, and it didn’t need to be deep.

The chemistry between Clooney and Roberts is good, and, of course, a happy movie can’t have chemistry.

The script really has everything going for it.


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