Obama urges Pennsylvania Democrats to “cut their losses”

Trump casts doubt on Pennsylvania elections, warns of Dems’ ‘cheating’ against Oz, Mastriano; Obama: Dems need to ‘cut their losses’

President Barack Obama on Tuesday called on Democrats in Pennsylvania on Tuesday to “cut their losses,” warning that they will lose the state by at least 30 seats in November.

“It’s time for Pennsylvania to turn its attention to the November elections and put its best foot forward,” Obama said, speaking at a fundraiser for a state lawmaker in the Philadelphia suburb of Montgomery Township.

Obama suggested that Democratic candidates have tried to run a “cheating” campaign against Republican incumbent Bob Casey in order to secure the White House.

“This is the kind of cheating that we need to get rid of: the politics they’re playing. And we’ve got to stop it. This is the kind of politics that we need to stop,” Obama said.

The president said he has been “deeply moved by the passion, by the passion for a bright future, that I’ve seen across the Commonwealth, and across the country.”

Obama spoke earlier Tuesday at a fundraiser for state Sen. Ray Lesniak (D), a Montgomery Township Republican seeking re-election to a third term in office. Obama said Lesniak is the “tireless” advocate to Pennsylvania Democrats and “has been instrumental in bringing us together.”

“He has worked tirelessly to make sure that Pennsylvania continues to be a welcoming state. And so that was a big point of pride for him when he ran for re-election,” Obama said.

The Obama campaign on Wednesday released a fundraising email from the president, addressed to Pennsylvania Democrats and signed “With Love” and “Merry Christmas to you too” in the subject line.

Obama said, “The fight in Pennsylvania is hard, but you deserve the chance to prevail. To win this election for you, we need you to step up, stay the course and defend our values in November. In the end, we want you to decide not only who represents you in Harrisburg, but who represents you in Harrisburg.”

To vote in November, Obama recommended reading about the Pennsylvania campaign of Democratic Sen. Bob Casey. Casey was defeated by Republican Pat Toomey when he ran for U.S

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