Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Srinagar to inspect damage to major bridges

Modi to visit India’s bridge collapse site as families mourn death of woman

The prime minister’s visit to Srinagar, capital of Jammu and Kashmir, to inspect damage to some of the major bridges is to be marked by a wreath on the tomb of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee

‘At the moment, there is no information of any casualties,’ she said.

AAP: We have given assurance that the government will look into the matter after giving security clearance to the construction company’s proposal.

When asked why his ministry did not give the go-ahead to the contract, which is being sought by a private company, he said, ‘There is nothing to hide here.

‘This is a routine clearance by the home ministry and nothing to interfere with the work of the company.’

Earlier, home minister Amit Shah, when asked about the controversy over the Srinagar-Lodhiya-Pahalgam road, had said, ‘It is the road, it is the government’.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was set to lay a wreath at the tomb of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was assassinated by a right-wing militant in 1989.

The PM was scheduled to visit ‘Shankhali’ where lakhs of people had been killed in the riots that broke out between Muslim and Hindu communities, and where he had laid a wreath on the Tomb of Raja Ram Mohan Koil.

According to a statement issued by BJP’s L.K. Advani’s office, this was Modi’s first of a series of visits to Kashmir in the last one year.

AAP: That wreath on Vajpayee’s tomb is a symbolic gesture and if the PM was going to carry it to Srinagar, it would have made more sense to have it done in Delhi.

However, it would have been fitting to do it in Delhi.

AAP: We respect the decision of the PM in this regard.

Meanwhile, the police have registered a case against the unidentified persons for the murder of an eight-year-old girl

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