Selena Gomez may just disappear

Selena Gomez may ‘just disappear’ after new radio show, single and doc ‘My Mind & Me’

Selena Gomez may just disappear.

The pop superstar announced Thursday that the show “My Mind & Me” on ABC Radio and TV will debut Jan. 26. She also confirmed that she’ll be hosting a new single on Valentine’s Day.

The first episode will air in the spring.

And though she teased a feature in her latest album, Gomez hinted that she may just disappear.

“All good, all good,” she wrote Thursday morning on her Instagram account, which is where she posted the cover photo for the new album, “Makes Me Wanna Holler.” “But I don’t wanna be seen or talked about or do anything on this record. And I don’t wanna disappear in the process!”

Gomez, who had been keeping mum on the show, was coy about the content.

“It’s about what I’m feeling and thinking, not what you think I’m thinking and feeling,” she said in a statement. “It’s about being honest in my own head and not being afraid to talk about things that make me uncomfortable.”

Gomez confirmed to Billboard that the show will focus on her personal struggles with drug addiction, being an “obsessed fan” and having “a lot on my mind,” but wouldn’t elaborate. “The show is going to be about whatever I’m thinking and feeling at the moment and about the things I’m passionate about and really interested in.”

Gomez added: “I am so honored to be on ABC Radio and TV’s new show, ‘My Mind & Me,’ and to be honest, it is a dream come true. I am super excited to get to work with such brilliant and creative people, and share with them my ideas and inspirations, and my crazy stories, so that together we can make this show for you. Thank you!”

Last week, a representative confirmed to Billboard that as much as she may be “obsessed” with the show, everything would be handled with “extreme discretion.” She’s also “pretty open” about

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