The Man Who Impersonated a Famous Stanford Student

A man pretended to be a student at Stanford. He got away with it for nearly a year, and then he was caught. Now the Stanford administration is telling him why he’s being expelled. The kicker is this: He’s not the real Stanford student.

He is, of course, the real “Stanford Student,” and he’s not just some random person. He was the man who impersonated a famous Stanford student who had recently graduated and was now studying at Harvard. This student had been writing to his old high school friend, a professor who was doing a class on Stanford.

This professor—who the student named as Steve Jobs, and who had been a friend of the student’s since middle school—had recently been approached by someone who asked if he could take a look at Steve Jobs’ Stanford transcript. The professor was very careful to make it seem like this was a completely legitimate request, as he had been warned that Stanford might be a no-go area for him. But, of course, it was obvious to the professors in this special class that the request was real.

The student had been asked to write up a letter saying that he had never seen the transcript and thus was a fake student. This was done to make it appear like the professor was doing him a favor by checking up on Jobs. As for the professor himself, he had been warned that he had gotten himself into a delicate situation.

The student who pretended to be Jobs got away with it for nearly a year. He didn’t know anyone was following him. He was never caught, no law enforcement agents ever saw him. He moved from place to place. He lied about his employment. He faked his ID and used it to buy things. His sister was told by him about what had been going on. And when he finally got caught… well, the Stanford administration tried to expel him.

But, according to this lawsuit, this whole thing was an elaborate and disgusting

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